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Conscious Spiritual
day-trips in Byron Bay

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About Us

Rise Up!

Come with us on our unique Conscious Tours. Away from the crowded town, the hinterland hides the magic of the Rainbow Region. Discover the spiritual Byron Bay famous for its natural beauty and counterculture vision.  We will take you from a hippie town to a Hare Krishna Community. From an earth building temple to a syntropic garden. From a secret waterfall to a glow worm forest. You will talk to real visionaries living in communion with Mother Earth and respecting ancient values. You will have fun and learn a lot so you can Rise Up into the best version of yourself! 

Experience the Magic

- Sustainable communities   

- Conscious talks /  Temples

- Sacred mountains / Earth Buildings

- Glow worm cave /  Hippie villages                   

- Secret beaches / waterfalls                                                               

- Meditation / Ceremonies            

- Local Markets / Special events

- Meet visionary locals

- Learn Byron`s hippie history

Whats is Conscious Tourism?

Conscious tourism is an alternative model to mass industrial tourism, which simultaneously offers spiritually fulfilling experiences to travellers, without affecting the environment and local cultures.

We believe that most tourists arriving in Byron nowadays don’t find the magical place they heard about from when the hippies settled in the 70`s. In fact, they find the opposite, a crowded place, with fancy shops, intense traffic, alcohol, parties and expensive experiences. But we know Byron better than this. We will exceed your expectations and shine a light on your Byron Bay experience. We love this place and we want to ensure that both, you and the region, are well looked after! 

Rise Up - Conscious Spiritual day-trips in Byron Bay